A special mix. The Val de Mezdì and the Hotel Sassongher

Val Mezdì, a magical "off-piste" for expert skiers

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The Val de Mezdì, one of the most beautiful slopes in the Dolomites.
A spectacular trail where we at the Hotel Sassongher are particularly attached. We will tell you why!

Val de Mezdì, a dream slope

Val Mezdì is located in the heart of the Sella Group. Loved in the summer for challenging and wonderful excursions, in the winter in offers its best, thanks to its spectacular ski descent.

When you reach the valley, you can admire a fabulous natural landscape. From the fork you can admire an extremely steep channel, crowned by impressive rock walls. That “white furrow” in the middle of the mountain is the ski slope, an amazing spectacle. Here some scenes from the action film “Cliffhanger” with Silvester Stallone were filmed. That gives a good idea of the thrilling dimension of the track.

Its slope and height difference require good physical preparation and that is the reason why the media fame has, fortunately, not made this destination too crowded. The snow is not artificially beaten and therefore offersto the first morning skiers a real natural feeling with the snow. Pure adrenaline!


A special feeling with the Val de Mezdì

Why we at the Hotel Sassongher love this track so much?

Because in the Val de Mezdì in the 40s took place a beloved event for the local skiing tradition, the first Ladin ski race in Alta Badia. This event is part of the history of the pioneers of alpine skiing, a source of pride for our land and the reason why we, here, at the Hotel Sassongher are so attachedto this magical place.
Even our Ski Club Ladinia, which every year prepares excellent athletes of international renown, does not fail to honour the legendary Val de Mezdì track, the flagship of Alta Val Badia.

La fabulous experience of the Val del Mezdì

The technical characteristics of the Val del Mezdì slope are particularly demanding.
The “canal” of the Val del Mezdì has a height difference of 1,100 meters for a length of 3 km with an average gradient of 34%!  It is not a gentle stroll, indeed, it is a good challenge even for the most trained skiers!

The scenery is priceless. You can ski in a canyon encapsulated by Dolomitic walls on either side, hundreds of meters high, giving the dramatic impression of “the last descent”.
True ski lovers and particularly free riders cannot miss this fabulous experience.

Important Reccomandations

Pay attention! The Val Mezdì “track” is off-piste in every sense and is not a beaten track.
It is suitable for expert skiers and it is important to always check the weather conditions!
If you are one of our Hotel Sassongher Guest, we will always provide you with the most up-to-date information!

Val Mezdì.
Where you can capture within yourself the essence and spirit of skiing.
A must-do for freedom lovers and adrenaline hunters.


The Cocktail Mezdì at the Hotel Sassongher

The Val del Mezdì is the emblem of Ladinia. For this reason, we asked our great Barman Saro – the King of impossible cocktails, to study a dedicated Cocktail. Saro did not fail to surprise us, creating the incomparable “Mezdì” (which in Ladin means “midday”). A strong and decisive cocktail for those who love adrenaline experiences.

Tasting the Mezdì is an experience that sets in motion the sensations of enthusiasm and joy that one experiences when this magical descent takes place. For this, we areso grateful to Saro for his expertisein calibrating with, almost alchemical art, the right mix of ingredients that awakens the senses for those who love the magicaldescent of the Mezdì!
At the Hotel Sassongher 5*, ready waiting for you is our dedicated Cocktail del Mezdì”, offered exclusively to our guests who have joined this wonderful experience.

Hotel Sassongher 5*

Happy to let you experience the fabulous different aspects of our land, the Dolomites!


Tradition in the Dolomites




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