Val Badia, where skiing beats strongly in the heart

Corvara and Val Badia, where skiing is our true passion without limits.

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Skiing. An engaging, exciting, thrilling and fun sport. An exceptional sport for those who love the mountains and the snow. In Corvara and in Val Badia it is something that goes beyond the sport. It’s pure passion. It’s a lifestyle.

The charm of the beginning of the ski season

This year in autumn we were blessed by a wonderful amount of fresh snowfall, a good sign for a new, exciting ski season! The first big snowfall means impassable roads and mobility difficulties. If in many places this is considered a problem, for us in Val Badia this is pure joy! That’s because the snow is part of our DNA, a part of our life.

Every year we are looking forward to opening the ski season with great excitement, happy to share the richness and the beauty of our slopes with our Guests coming from all over the world.
Because skiing is our true passion without limits.

The tradition of skiing in Corvara

Skiing in Corvara boasts a long tradition. During the second half of the XVIIIth century, some young people who accompanied the first hikers interested in the nature of the Dolomites (mostly scolars and english geologists), in winter enjoyed playing on snow-covered meadows with carved and modelled “wooden boards”, they were the first authentic “do-it-by-yourself” skis!

The “sentiment” of the free descent on the snow was so exciting that they soon became true experts. A contagious fun that soon spread among many fans, becoming the “pioneers of skiing“.

Val Badia, where skiing beats strongly in the heart

The spirit of skiing in Val Badia is very strong. As early as the 1930s, the first ski race was held in Val Mezdì. The athletes hitthe track going up on foot, before going down on skis in a very long giantic slalom course. Almost a miracle if we consider today’s technology for track care!

At that time the first Val Badia ski school was born in Corvara. It was during this period of great excitement which layed down the foundations for the tradition of skiing in Val Badia. In 1938 the first sledge lift was built in Col Alto, today one of the most beautiful panoramic slopes of Alta Badia.


Ski Club Ladinia, a real institution in the heart of the Dolomites

In 1946 the first chair lift in Italy was born in Corvara. The Val Badia became a true mecca for alpine skiing enthusiasts, also coming from many other regions in Italy and abroad.
There is a collective desire to exchange advice, learn together, ski together.

In the same year the Ski Club Ladinia was officially founded by Erich Kostner, a charismatic leader of our valley, a real pionier of alpine tourism and amongst the founders of the Dolomiti SuperSki in 1974.

The beauty of skiing together is now reality. Shared passion.

The Ski Club Ladinia was born with the spirit of letting people get to know this amazing sport, with its charm and its magic. They worked with enthusiasm to train real skiers, people who appreciate and practice with passion, one of the most beautiful sports in the world in contact with nature, the ski. They were committed to supporting and enhancing those who excel, sportsmen and women who then became champions.

This incipit and love for the mountains of Erich Kostner became so contagious that the Val Badia and the Ski Club Ladinia soon were so well known throughout Italy, Europe and the rest of the World.

Winter season in Corvara and Val Badia. Extraordinary skiing experiences.

Proud of our ski, proud of our land.

Corvara and the Val Badia.
Endless beauty for skiing and winter sports!

Listen to the rustling of the wind, ski across endless descents through snowy forests, feel the snow glide beneath, admire one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the DolomitesUNESCO World Heritage Site.

For us Ladin, skiing is pure magic. It is a richness that we are proud of and that we love to share with those who visit our land. Since the 1930s much has changed in Corvara and Val Badia, but the passion is still alive for this beloved sport. Continuous important investments confirm Corvara and the Val Badia asthe pearl destination for skiing in the Dolomites.

A territory that offers extraordinary skiing experiences to our Guests. At the first snowfall we rejoice like children. The charm of the snow makes our hearts beat faster. Pure emotion.


The charm of the snow makes our hearts beat faster.
Corvara and Val Badia. Proud of our ski, proud of our land.

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