The sound of silence. The Dolomites in the time of Covid19.

La magnificence of the nature observed in the time of lockdown

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Silence Dolomites covid19 period. A valuable teaching for our life.

The sound of silence in the time of Covid19. A  surreal dimension.

In the days marked by the Covid-19 #lockdown period, the life in the Dolomites is covered by a surreal silence. Here too, like almost everywhere in the world, everything has stopped. The noise of the life, still in the middle of the winter season, starting from March has been silenced. Stop.

In this critical emergency situation, something magical happened.

We have experienced the unique dimension of the silence.  Here, in the heart of the Dolomites, the magic of the nature has reminded men of its own power.  Living in the natural habit of Alta Badia, we observe the world around us and with amazement we observe its changes. The paths, but also the tracks and the roads in the valley, have been filled with life. It seems like animals are reminding us that these places belong also to them


Dawn cannot be touched 
if you have not travelled
the paths of the night

Khalil Gibran


Love for Nature

The choice to explore our mountains is a passion that we learn since our childhood.  Our mountains teach us that we are all “guests” of a wonderful nature – on one hand difficult and on the other generous.

We learn to respect in silence a dimension that the massifs of the Dolomites transmit to us their magnificence. We learn from an early age that these mountains will last much longer than any of our lives. This is a deep awareness that we felt as inhabitants of our valley  – today more than ever, sharing it with those who love the essence of nature.

We are all guests of a wonderful nature
on one hand difficult and on the other generous

Observe in silence

In this period #coronavirus, here in Alta Badia in the heart of the Dolomites- UNESCO World Heritage, in front of such majesty, we stopped to observe. Enchanted. We can see everywhere animal footprints, chamois, deers, roe deer, grouse, hare. 

We see buzzards and eagles circling in the blue sky without those trails of airplanes – since they have been mostly grounded for the emergency to stop flying.  We have observed the light that slowly changes the face of the valley. We witnessed the melting of the snow and almost felt the flowers blossoming. We listened in silence to the sound of the wind, the echoes of animals in the distance, the chirping of the birds nearby.  There is so much beauty to allow nature to breathe!


The nature’s teaching in time of Covid19  #lockdown

Nothing happens by chance. The deep sense of this #coronavirus time that will be remembered for a long time, is full of awareness of the meaning of life. We will experience again, better sooner than later, the colourful expressions of life and the joy of staying together, returning to discover our wonderful world.

Nevertheless, we know that this historical moment of forced lockdown, has also given us deep lessons.  This worldwide common experience taught us to be more aware of human limits together with the need to be strong and resilient, as nature teaches us.  

Our tradition as mountain people has always taught us that there is every proof that nature allows us to overcome – including our inner nature, is a gift that must be appreciated. 


Every proof the nature allows us to overcome,
is a gift that must be appreciated. 


Patience, the virtue of the strong.

The saying “patience is the virtue of the strong” has been handed down for generations. During the #lockdown period we have been severely tested. The coronavirus pandemic experience that we have collectively shared worldwide – albeit separate, has brought us together.

In our homes we have recovered the wisdom of patience, each one under his own covering of sky – also “silent” from the trails of airplanes. All united by one strength and one hope, which is life wisdom.

We as witnesess to the silent nature

As direct witnesses of the natural wonders that surround us here in Alta Badia, we can only confirm that nature has become even more beautiful. And it’s waiting for us.  When this emergency will be finally over,  we will enjoy again the newfound beauty and the pleasure to live it together.

We will stop to look at the peaks, to observe the eagles, to look at a flower, to breathe nature. Maybe in silence. With deep gratitude for Mother Nature, who teaches us, every day, that after the darkest night, comes the dawn. 

Val Badia- Dolomites. Wonder of nature.
Looking forward to seeing you!

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