The Sassongher Wine List. An amazing selection

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Wine lovers are generally familiar with the most important wine tasting event in Trentino and Val Badia, the De dl vin – Wine Ski Safari, an extraordinary event held at high altitude as part of the Sciare con Gusto l’Alta Badia (A Taste for Skiing in Alta Badia), which leads us – on skis – on an exploration of a rich variety of excellent quality South Tyrolean wines.

Imagine sipping a Lagrein, a Riesling, a Chardonnay or any other excellent South Tyrolean wine, at an altitude of 2,000 metres, in the crisp air and with the idyllic panorama of the Dolomites in the surrounds – a true exaltation of the senses!

An experience for all seasons at the Sassongher

Winter passes yet the excitement of wine tasting in Trentino and in the mountains remains. For those who love high level tasting experiences in Val Badia, the Hotel Sassongher presents an extremely interesting Wine List with a selection of some of the best labels, not only from the region and Italy generally, but from all over the world. The Sassongher wine cellar contains over 350 labels.

Here, we have a tradition that is passed on with particular meticulousness and precision, being able to offer wines that our most exacting guests can appreciate as great connoisseurs.

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“Nunc vino pellite curas nox non ebria, sed soluta curis.” (Horatius)

Tasting a good wine at Sassongher is easy: at 1,600 metres in altitude where we are, the air is not yet rarefied, being perfect for encouraging the proper supply of oxygen in the blood that is able to awaken the immediate pleasure of the senses. It will certainly appeal at least to those who love to taste good wine whilst enjoying unforgettable moments at the Hotel Sassongher thanks to the spectacular panorama of the rocks of the Dolomites backdropped by green meadows and ancient alpine forests, which awaken both the soul and spirit.

Other evocative moments throughout the day include the sunset, during which all aspects of the surrounding nature take part in exalting the pleasures of the palate, or more intimate moments such as dinner savoured in good company, where the atmosphere and excellent wines combine with the most exclusive dishes of our cuisine to create the perfect ensemble. In fact, it is always the perfect time for a tasting of excellent wine in Trentino!

As Socrates said to Plato, “from the extraordinary power of wine to overcome every inhibition, springs the truth”.

The Wine List speaks the Sassongher’s language!

There is always room for the best wines in our cellar.

The Hotel Sassongher Wine List selection is faithful to tradition. Always being sure to offer a wide range of carefully-selected labels, our team of sommeliers continuously curate the Wine List with passion, eager to offer opportunities for pleasure to our wine lovers and enthusiasts. 

With a wine tasting at the Sassongher being a comprehensive experience, all aspects are taken into consideration: the environment, atmosphere, personnel, style and our splendid natural setting that is able to augment the perfect spirit to be lighter and more authentic in an unparalleled way for those who love life.

Years of experience and tradition in hospitality have allowed us to select wines in an ever-more diligent manner from all over the world, appreciated by our Italian and international guests alike.

The Sassongher Wine List presents over 350 labels of fine wines, 80% of which consist in the top selection of Trentino Alto-Adige labels. Most of our wines have been awarded “3 Bicchieri” by the authoritative Gambero Rosso guide. In general, we present an oenological offering capable of proposing some of the best wines from the most prestigious wineries not only in Italy but also France and all other lands with a strong wine-growing vocation.

This choice assures our Guests the best tasting and olfactory experiences in savouring white, red, dessert and sparkling wines.

The comments and appreciation of our guest-friends are always appreciated and, year after year, our guest-friends have also contributed to the creation of our Wine List – which we like to call “the language of Sassongher”.

With wine an experience for the palate that is always able to unite people, bonds are forged in the pleasure of taste and spirit.

Wine tasting in Trentino: which wine to enjoy at the Sassongher

The traditional atmosphere of the Sassongher, with its enveloping “Gemütlichkeit” (the ambiance in which you are enveloped) is an invitation to enjoy “a good glass of wine” in itself. There are welcoming spaces such as the Stube that are the ideal places to enjoy a tasting-break: the experience of an exclusive “merenda ladina” or post-walk refreshments, or even lunch or dinner, accompanied by the most lovely and seductive wines for the palate.

Savouring our merenda ladina, an ancient custom of the people of the valley, has long been a time in which people gather for a wine tasting in Trentino accompanied by a selection of typical dishes to savour the delicious wine. It is a tradition that we love to keep alive even today, a way to capture the essence of time in harmony with local customs.

This is the moment to sip on a classic Lagrein Gretzer or a Weissburgunder. Particularly interesting is a good Goldmuskateller for those who prefer sweet flavours as part of these ‘afternoon refreshments’.

But it is at dinner that the expression of wine opens up to all possibilities. Meats are accompanied by some of the most renowned and excellent Argentinian Malbec labels or a delicious Sangiovese from Tuscany, whilst the flavour of seafood dishes is enhanced by a Vermentino or Chardonnay. To accompany the more traditional dishes, opt for some of the best Chablis, Pinot Noir or Barolo. Every combination is an emotion. Every sip, an expression of pleasure for the palate.

The Sassongher Wine List offers an extraordinary choice of traditional labels and new proposals. It is a veritable enchanted moment that is greatly anticipated each evening, one that unites our Guests with the Sommelier and the dining room staff – we love to tempt our Guests with offerings from the Sassongher cellar, and we await with trepidation to glimpse the satisfied expression of the connoisseurs!

Sassongher, the 2018 Summer Wine List

The 2018 Sassongher Wines List was prepared by our Sommelier, Daniele Russo.

Explore the Wine List

Would you like to taste your favourite wine at Sassongher?

Tell us the name, year and producer and we will be more than happy to reserve it for you.

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