The Meadows of Armentara in Val Badia. A step back in time

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The Meadows of Armentara are not the stuff of legend, but a reality.  These idyllic places celebrate the alpine legend of the enchanted mountain, protected by the imposing mass of one of the most fascinating peaks of the Alps, the Sasso Monte Croce.

Extending just beneath this mountain are marvellous meadows overlooking the valley below, being the Meadows of Armentara that are bursting with thousands of colours throughout this season, creating the sensation that the hearts of all who see them are also blooming in the spring. armentara in val badia

An excursion to the Meadows of Armentara is a time to celebrate nature coming back to life. We find all of the most beautiful flowers of the alpine nature flaunting the intensity of their being: bird’s-eye primroses, globeflowers, pasque flowers.

This natural spectacle attracts those who enjoy walks and hikes, so splendid that one cannot help but stop to take in the splendid colours that this large alpine meadow can bestow.


The Meadows of Armentara – a step back in time.

Visiting Amentara means entering a place of magic, into the mythical world of the Fanes, mysterious alpine population whose traces can be seen in the Ladin names of the valleys, mountains and places that are today celebrated amongst the most beautiful that nature has created.

prati dell'armentara
The Meadows of Armentara and The Sasso Montecroce

The Meadows of Armentara, situated at the base of the Santa Croce mountain range, are part of the Fanes-Senes-Braies natural park, but their importance from the flora-faunistic point of view is such as to leave an imprint on the memory of all who walk in these parts, with a feeling that this place recounts something ancient and profound within each of us. This is why we visit every year, at least once, almost to celebrate our return to nature.

An excursion to the Meadows of Armentara: la Roda de l’Armentara

We can complete the excursion starting from Furnacia, close to La Valle, where the “Roda de l’Armentara” pathway (Sentiero 7A) sets out. The Meadows of Armentara can be reached with an hour’s walk through a wood. Before them is the Santa Croce and the Sass dles Diesc. If we continue along the meadows (Sentiero 15A), we reach the sanctuary of Santa Croce after an hour, a destination on the excursion and a pilgrimage location. After two hours of ascent overall for approx. 400 metres in altitude and approx. 6 kilometres, we then stop to reflect, have some refreshments and open ourselves up to the wonderful spectacle of these ancient meadows.

The most beautiful way back is the Alta Via of La Villa, striking due to the fabulous panorama it offers. The route is entirely downhill on Sentiero 15A until reaching the Baita da Andrè from which we can continue the walk across the beautiful Meadows of Armentara until Col d’Antì.

Roda de Armentara, the tour of the Armentara, is a true pilgrimage that takes us back to the days of yore. 

Not to be missed.

Reasons to choose a guided adventure to the Meadows of Armentara

  • Enjoy one of the most spectacular shows in nature
  • Be enraptured by the flowers and colours
  • Feel emotions that recount something ancient and profound that lives within each of us
  • Return to the hotel enriched by a beautiful experience and share it with others

Personalised Excursion

At the Hotel Sassongher, we can organise your dream experience to the Meadows of Armentara.
This is how we can assist you with your experience.

prati dell'armentara

  • Equipment, maps, guides
  • Drop-off shuttle
  • Nature guide/tour escort
  • Exclusive picnic on the Meadows of Armentara
  • A visit to the Santuario
  • Refreshments in a Rifugio
  • Pick-up shuttle
  • Our assistance!

Yes, please organise my personalised excursion

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