The Spirit of the Mountains in the Dolomites. True inner enrichment.

Endless charm of the Dolomites and its environment.


Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than what we could learn from books.

John Lubbock

Corvara and the Dolomites – Alta Badia, Italy.


Discover the alpine environment. True inner enrichment.

Amazing Dolomites!  We at Hotel Sassongher are grateful every day for the beauty that Mother Nature has given us in the place where we live. The Dolomite peaks surround us with their own magic and despite the fact that we know our territory very well, we never cease to be amazed by their beauty. Their hard and stark aspect given by the dolomite rocks, leaves room for pleasure and infinite beauty if we simply sit and admire their majesty, moments when we are flooded with uplifting emotions.

Colours for example.  We discover that their colours change with the shift of light in the sky, reaching – on certain days and at certain times – the apotheosis of Enrosadira, that wonderful phenomenon that colours the walls pink leaving an enchanting atmosphere floating in the air.

Meeting the Dolomites up also put us to the test. It wil happen then to experience different emotions at different times of our life. Sometimes we will feel strong and eager to experience the thrill of climbing, sometimes we will slumber in relaxation.  Sometimes we will experience feelings of reverence and fear facing their grandeur and some other times we will be enchanted by their beauty.  Always, the Dolomites and their surrounding environment will always give us endless emotions. 

The power of the Spirit of the Mountains. The Mountain teaches.

Over the centuries, the Ladin people of Val Badia have learned, day after day, an authentic and sincere relationship with ourselves and with the nature of the surrounding Dolomites. It is an alpine teaching that we receive from an early age and that our Guests recognize when they reach our valley. True mountain heritage.

As true mountain lovers, we at Hotel Sassongher love to share the values, the culture and the beauty of our land. We are more than happy to give advice and suggestions for  amazing excursions in Corvara and Alta Badia, suitable for any difficulty.  Francesco is very happy to guide our Guests and friends to the most enchanted corners of the valley.   Piz Boè, the amazing Armentara Meadows, the Sassongher peak – our “classic”, the Gherdenacia, the Pisciadù e many other proposals. Each destination a wonder! 

In the evening it will be wonderful to meet up in our Stube and listen to the adventures of the day, tasting excellent wine in the heat of the fire.

Welcoming the Spirit of the Mountain is true inner enrichment.
Learning from Nature is a real life experience.

Discover the Dolomites with us! Hotel Sassongher, Corvara – Italy




Looking forward to seeing you!  
Richard, Rita e Francesco

Hotel Sassongher 5*

Corvara – Alta Badia, Dolomites.

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Hotel Sassongher 5*, Corvara - Alta Badia, Italy
Luxury Hotel Sassongher in Corvara – South Tyrol, Alta Badia – Italy


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