The secret for the perfect Sarotonic gin tonic. With our Chief Barman’s video.

Always unique sensory experiences at Luxury Hotel Sassongher, Corvara.

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Your perfect gin tonic.  Enjoy the video-recipe of Rosario Margareci, the King of Impossible Cocktails.

Ready for an amazing Long Drink?

At Luxury Hotel Sassongher‘s Bar in Corvara the cocktails menu offer is so extensive that it will make your head spin. Over 40 different cocktails types regularly selected from the list of the best in the world, in relation to the place, the moment, the fashions and styles.

But there is a cult cocktail, particularly loved by Hotel Sassongher Guests and friends, the Sarotonic. It might seem like any ordinary gin and tonic, were it not for the particular touch that Rosario Margareci, our Chief Barman, has been able to give to this exceptional cocktail.

Magnificant flavours and aromas from the northern to the southern part of Italy. Grains of red currant, in honor of Alta Badia and the beloved Dolomites, citrus scents of lemon and orange from Sicily, to remember the birthplace of Mr. Saro, and much more. A true sensory experience like a shiver down the spine.

Tasting it together?


Your Live Sarotonic Gin Tonic Video Recipe.

Directly from the Hotel Sassongher’s Bar, Mr. Saro – the King of Impossible Cocktails, reveals the secrets of his Sarotonic gin tonic.  Try it now! 

The “15.60” -another amazing cocktail by Rosario Margareci, a.k.a “Saro”. – Ph. by Ugo Visciani

Experience your live cocktail in the Dolomites

The cocktails always express the personality of the barman and the feeling of mixology art, that mastery of knowing how to combine aromas and flavors for surprising results.  Experience the cocktail with your eyes before even tasting it.  At Hotel Sassongher’s Bar, Mr. Saro can suggest the special long drink right for you.

Try also the “15.60″ long drink,  the altitude of Corvara at 1560 meters. Delicious with the scent of wild fennel, a liqueur from Giardini d’Amore. Or “Poesie d’Amare” – Poems of love with lime and cinnamon liqueur, served with a small parchment featuring a poem by the master-barman Saro.


Quality and lifestyle. At Sassongher Hotel only the best.

The world champion barman, Rosario Margareci has been included in the best Italian bartenders list among the best ones in Italy and abroad.

“Rosario Margareci from Messina belongs to the category of the great old barman. He started as a boy on ships and today he is the Chief Barman of Hotel Sassongher, the five-star hotel in Corvara in Alta Badia. Amongst his amazing cocktail list, absolutely to try his Sarotonic, a mix of flavors from South Tyrol with a pinch of Sicily in each glass by combining juniper berries, ginger and red currant berries with a base of gin with an orange twist and lemon “.

Enrico Maria Corno interview extract- from

Sarotonic Gin Tonic. Here’s the original recipe.  

Enjoy the Sarotonic Long Drink Recipe by Rosario Margareci, Chief Barman Luxury Hotel Sassongher in Corvara.  Read more on our blog,  Mr. Saro.  The King of Impossible Cocktails.

A cocktail to see rather than to discuss, to experience the art of its preparation.
Wanna try the original taste?  Come and visit us! 


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