2020 Snow, Corvara and Hotel Sassongher. The most beautiful pictures.

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Snow Corvara, Alta Badia  Italy.  The most beautiful pictures to remember some of the 2020 most wonderful white landscapes.

The most beautiful pictures of snow, Corvara, Alta Badia

2020 has been blessed with an abundance of natural snowfall. Still at the end of the past winter season, in May – quite at the beginning of the summer with long and bright days, we enjoyed a brilliant snowfall.  Just enough time for a warm and wonderful summer break and again the first snowfall arrived at the end of September to whiten the autumn coloured meadows and woods.

From that moment on, a lot of fresh snow fall in abundance every month during this incredible winter season wich is still going on. Amazing white views have dominated the scenery of the Dolomites, so beautiful that they deserve to be remembered.


Snow and silence. Unique atmosphere.

Another side has dominated this exceptional snow season in Corvara and Alta Badia, the total silence.  Due to the covid19 pandemic severe restrictions to movements between regions and countries, only local residents have been present in the valley during this long winter.  The total absence of tourism has created surreal surroundings never experienced, an atmosphere locked in time.

The landscape has been recovered by the animals who often approach the houses in search of food, making us live totally immersed in nature. Silence, surreal atmosphere and plenty of snow have created an amazing winter season that we want to capture and share with you.


Corvara and Alta Badia. The most beautiful photo of snow 2020

Emotions to share. Enchanting views in Alta Badia

In this exceptional and crazy year of 2020 year, albeit necessarily far away, it’s nice to stay in touch even if only online.  From the depth of our heart, our present for you.  Some of the best photos of the snow in Corvara and Alta Badia in 2020.

A way to make you feel part of this wonderful land, the Alta Badia. Our way to remember, capture and share also the beautiful side of the year 2020.  Some of the best snow pictures in Corvara Alta Badia.  Pure emotions that only nature can express.

Christmas and Winter 2020. Outstanding snow photos.

Exceptional 2020. A year to remember.

2020 will be without doubt remembered over time, an exceptional year marked by the covid19 pandemic that changed the lives of each of us. A worldwide event that has stopped time. Reduced mobility, closed borders, commercial activities limited only to essential ones.

For us at the Hotel Sassongher in Corvara a period of  uncertainty for the opening waiting in relation to the covi19 regulations in force. Currently the expected date of reopening of the ski facilities in Alta Badia and generally throughout the Alps is February 15, 2021, but the uncertainty due to the trend of the epidemic is unfortunately still ongoing.

We will keep you informed about the reopening of the Hotel Sassongher. Meanwhile, let’s remember 2020 also for at least one beautiful thing, the exceptional snow season with breathtaking white views in the Dolomites. Our gift to you.


Hotel Sassongher December 2020. Magic time.

Luxury Hotel Sassongher, Corvara - Alta Badia, Italy

Hotel Sassongher Corvara – Dolomites.  Wonders every season.

We look forward with confidence

We are waiting as soon as it will be possible at Hotel Sassongher and in our beloved land, Corvara in Alta Badia – Dolomites. Still with the snow during this amazing winter season or ready to totally regenerate yourself in nature in summer.  Amazing experiences always wait for you. 

Fon any information please feel free to contact us See you soon!

Hotel Sassogher 5* Corvara



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