Alpe di Fanes and the Marmot Parliament – a fairy-tale adventure

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A short distance from Corvara, you can set off on an excursion to the spectacular Marmot Parliament in the heart of the idyllic Alpe di Fanes.
We have already recounted the fascinating tale of the legendary Kingdom of Fanes, and now we can suggest how to immerse yourself in their magical world.

From legend to reality.
Alpe di Fanes, a great excursion.

We will now reveal how to reach
the last site where the Fanes population gathered
before seeking out their hiding place in heart of our Dolomites.

The mountains of the Dolomites offer excursions that can be true “cathartic” experiences. One of them involves climbing up to Alpe di Fanes, in the splendid amphitheatre of the “Marmot Parliament”. The geomorphology of the Alpe di Fanes area, the heart of the Dolomites’ Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park is greatly evocative: karstic phenomena, limestone pavements, fissures and pits render the landscape mysterious and ancestral, a truly mystical dimension that evokes archaic legends.
When we head into these landscapes, we realise that the physical dimension awakens in the senses fantastic sensations that hark back to that dream-like dimension from which they originate in the most mysterious legends of the Dolomites.

The Marmot Parilament

Legend assumes a touch of reality! Idyllic landscapes greet us in all their splendour. It is here that we can come into contact with the mythical totemic beings of the Dolomites sagas, the alpine marmots, their presence being instantly signalled with their whistles. We have entered another world, one belonging to the most untouched and pure natural setting, an evocative and timeless dimension.
The area of the Marmot Parliament (“Parlamënt dles Montanioles” in the Ladin language) is a wonderfully preserved plateau at 2,000 metres in altitude that Karl Felix Wolff imagined as the key heart of the legends and tales of the Fanes.

For over a century, visitors have come from all parts of the globe, intent on immersing themselves in the wonderful world of magical legends, with rock climbers scaling great heights in order to find themselves whilst others come seeking unique emotions and experiences.

To learn more about the mythical Kingdom of Fanes, click here

The Alpe di Fanes Itinerary

How to reach Alpe di Fanes.

  • The most direct route is to reach the Rifugio Pederü directly from San Vigilio in Marebbe. This mountain hut is a sort of access point to the magical realm of the marmots and the legend itself.
  • From this point, we walk in a truly magical valley, where the mugo pine reigns. Our fascinating journey takes us to the Alta Via of the Dolomites no. 1.
  • We will come across enchanted landscapes such as the green Lago Piciodel, the beautiful meadows of the Malga Munt de Pices Fanes and the Rifugio Lavarella mountain hut (2,042 metres above sea level) to the right of which is an impressive and gigantic natural sandstone staircase, the legendary Marmot Parliament”.


Upon reaching our destination, let us dwell for a moment in this magical place. We immediately understand that the dolomite path has led us into a dimension that we have been long seeking, our eyes voracious, enticing us to discover what lies… beyond. So we walk, wandering along, seeking a sign from which we can extract confirmation that… this is the place! And this is the best feeling we can experience in the Dolomites, one that takes us back to seeing nature as if through the eyes of children.

Excursion to the Marmot Parliament: key points

Departure Point: Rifugio Pederü (San Vigilio di Marebbe)
Pathway: Pederü – Lago Piciodel – Malga Munt de Pices Fanes – Rifugio Lavarella – Rifugio Fanes – Passo Limo – Lake Limo
Trail: nr. 1, nr. 7
Journey Time: approx. 2,5-3 hours
Dislivello: approx. 500 meters or 700 meters if we also want to admire Lake Limo
Altitude: between 1,545 meters (Rif. Pederu) and 2.160 meters (Lake Limo)
Recommandation: before the trip, it is necessary to check for updates on weather conditions


Select your personalised excursion

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Suggested period:
July – September

Good to know:

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Be inspired…

An epic tour to the Marmot Parliament in the heart of the Dolomites of the Fanes, with the best guides just for you.


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