La Dolomitica 2018. The Sassongher amongst the protagonists!


Are you ready for an amazing culinary experience in the heart of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, in the presence of some of Italy’s best exclusive Chefs?

Ladins Do Cook It Better! La Dolomitica 2018

It’s almost time! The event is scheduled for the  9th of August 2018

This spectacular gastronomic symposium at high altitude, in the Sas Dlacia meadows, this year sees the Hotel Sassongher taking part, with a culinary team led by Massimo Busin, along with other Chefs from the best local establishments. The slogan Ladins do Cook it Better itself foretells the rivalry between the great Chefs participating is set to be fierce, a real race towards excellence for the achievement of a single goal: to offer Guests an opportunity to be part of a thrilling sublime experience, savouring unforgettable flavours amidst one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world.


The Spirit of the La Dolomitica 2018 Event

The setting of the most anticipated culinary event is the Sas Dlacia, which in Ladin means “rock of ice”, a dream location near the Dolomites’ Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This choice was not by chance, it highlighting the strong link to the territory and soul of the Chefs taking part. To share the important relationship with the Dolomites’ nature and mountains in the surrounds, our Guests can delight in savouring dishes whilst seated on blankets spread out on the meadows like a truly opulent picnic.

La Dolomitica 2018: a unique sensory experience of gourmet cuisine, to be savoured in one of the Dolomites’ most spectacular setting in the world


La Dolomitica 2018.
The Hotel Sassongher amongst the protagonists!


With our Head Chef leading a team of selected Hotel Sassongher Chefs, we will be involved this year alongside other culinary groups from the best local establishments, for an event also known as Italy’s Greatest Gastronomic Symposium.

Together with 9 other Sas Dlacia Chefs, the Hotel Sassongher Culinary Team – with Massimo Busin at the helm, will work within the fascinating natural setting that has welcomed the previous 3 editions of La Dolomitica, known as the “most starred picnic in Italy”. Val Badia, in fact, now boasts culinary traditions positioned amongst the most distinctive and recognised in the world of Taste, as shown by the Michelin stars awarded to so many of our restaurants, especially due to the search for authenticity and the creativity that proudly unites almost all Ladin folk.


La Dolomitica 2018 Programme

The gourmet event par excellence in the heart of Dolomites is scheduled from noon on 9th August 2018.

Download the programme here.


Starred Chefs and Stellar Dishes

10 Chefs will be taking part in La Dolomitica 2018. Each will present a menu created exquisitely for this spectacular event.

The Chefs of Alta Badia unite with Chefs from other Italian regions in this Gastronomic Symposium par excellence to conquer the palates of gourmands hailing from all over the world.

Amongst the Chefs taking part in this year’s edition are Norbert Niederkofler ***, Matteo Metullio **, Nicola Laera, Giuseppe Gravela, Andrea Irsara, Massimo Busin, Andrea Bedin, Simon Tirel, Marco Spinelli.
Guest Chef: Sergio Mei
dell’Hotel Sassongher.

In the beautiful natural setting Sas Dlacia, authentic cuisine in the open air, an exclusive event shielded by the mighty Dolomites to awaken the most delicate and genuine senses.

It is here that you have the opportunity to savour the most wholesome flavours transformed within the most creative dishes, designed to surprise.

A unique moment that – with good reason – is recognised as “the most starred picnic in Italy.


The Dolomitica 2018 Programme

La Dolomitica 2018 is scheduled for 9th August at 12:00 p.m...
Download the programme here.

La Dolomitica 2018: an absolute delight!

For information and reservations: contact the Reception Desk for Sassongher Guests or the Alta Badia Tourist Office , on +39 0471 847 037. Bookings are required.

Welcome to Corvara, Alta Val Badia!

Why La Dolomitica is an event not to be missed…

  • To experience the most exclusive Gastronomic Symposium in the entire alpine extent
  • To immerse yourself in the most beautiful context of the Dolomites with a picnic in a magical atmosphere
  • To taste exclusive dishes created especially for this extraordinary event at high altitude
  • To meet some of the most renowned and multi-starred Chefs of Val Badia (and not only!)
  • To savour the pleasure of the palate amplified in the senses by an enchanted alpine environment

Live your dream

Validity period:
6th-12th August 2018

Good to know:
The Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park is one of largest protected areas in South Tyrol, having been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009.

Book now

  • Accomodation in a Suite or Superior Room
  • Reservation to partake in La Dolomitica 2018
  • Assistance and guide for gastronomic encounters
  • Early check-in service starting from 12:00
  • Creative menus and great dishes at the Sassongher
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet the Chefs, dishes, tastes and gourmet dining in the Alps
  • Your “Dolomitica” experience at the height of taste.

Be inspired…

Photo Credits: Luca & Ugo Visciani


[bs-quote quote=”The discovery of a new dish is more valuable to mankind than the discovery of a new star.
(Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)” style=”default” align=”center” color=”#cdab8a”][/bs-quote]

Vivere La Dolomitica 2018 al Sassongher

The event La Dolomitica 2018 presents a true mix of skills, culinary arts and exclusive products.
It is attended by some of the truest “masters” of the best Italian gastronomy, all oriented to remember with their dishes, how the nature of these places helps in an unequivocal way to reveal new flavors that can distinguish the pleasure for culinary excellence.

Welcome to The Hotel Sassongher, in Corvara, Alta Val Badia!

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