Hotel Sassongher Hospitality. That “something extra”.

We love to make you welcomed. Hotel Sassongher, tradition in the Dolomites.

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From its birth in 1933, the Hotel Sassongher holds authentic hospitality’ values that have been handed down throughtime. It is that “something extra” that you can feel from the very first moment you arrive at Hotel Sassongher. An unprecedented style.

Thanks to Marilisa Rizzetto , Receptionist at Hotel Sassongher 5*, for her personal contribution to the writing of this article.


Warmth and Distinctive Style

The hospitality at the Hotel Sassongher is an unique concept of welcome to a multicultural market.

It is the result of the experience over the decades that the owners Rita and Richard Pescosta have collected and handed down since the dawn of the “Pensione Sassongher” – Sassongher Guesthouse, in 1933.

That genuine and deep sense of welcoming that does not fail to be recognized and appreciated by guests from all over the world. We are always ready to extend our personal welcome and to thank them for granting their preferecence before departure, Rita and Richard Pescosta are the true spokesmen of a unique traditional style. A quality that has stood the test of time.

A few gentle gestures followed by simple – and timeless – words: a handshake and following two simple words: a  “handshake”, a “welcome“, a “thank you“.

Welcome to the Hotel Sassongher!

Upon entering the Hotel, the first stop is not the lobby counter but a team of receptionists who welcome our Guests and carry out the usual check-in procedures in the shortest possible time. Many of our Guests come from far away, for example Russia, Kazakistan, South America, United States, Far East.

We know how much the Guests can be tried from the long journey, therefore we do our best to provide the first useful information for the stay with the utmost clarity and extreme kindness. We take care to personally introduce ourselves with our name and role in order to quickly transmit our “humility” as well as our physical presence.

Be always present throughout the stay.

That’s not all.  The Reception represents the fundamental point of reference for every need throughout the stay. We are always present to respond to any request: to make payments, personal requests, to organize transfers with our convenient shuttle service, to organize excursions and of course to collect any suggestions you might suggest.

For this reason, the Staff are always clearly recognizable through the typical Tyrolean clothing, their our own personal name badge with the Preferred Hotels & Resort  pin – the Luxury Indipendent Hotels chain of which the Hotel Sassongher is proud to be part of.

Apart from these concrete facts, we know that our deep and conscious attention, our smile and the love for our work make the professionalism and the image of the Hotel Sassongher.  We all as a team are united with a common objective: to make our Guests feel welcomed.


Feeling at home is a Team game

At Hotel Sassongher the hospitality is a team game. Nothing is left to chance.

Aftering welcoming our Guests, we ask our colleagues Jackie, Nino or Joviza to take care of the luggage, the car and to accompany them to their reserved room. They will ensure that the room fulfils the guest’s expectations and then offer to take them on a guided tour of the Hotel.

This time is particularly precious to us. We learn interests, desires and dreams, then we exchange ours. Furthermore we try to fulfil every desire possible and surprise with that extra attention to detail“. We love to amaze, delight and generate Joy!  Most of all we love to make you feel welcomed!  

We welcome Guests that often leave us as “friends” who honor us with their loyalty over the years. As Sassongher staff, is to feel that we have played our part is the most precious gift.

The “Hotel Sassongher Friends” recognize themselves in that style rich of timeles values with no boundaries.

“I remember the first time I entered the Hotel Sassongher.
I didn’t just know it,  I recognized it. It’s something different “


Arrivederci!  See you soon!

We arrive now at the time to say goodbye, “arrivederci”, with our deep hope of having breached into the heart of our Guests. That’s why then at the departure we invite everyone to write us a review in their own language. Holidaycheck, Tripadvisor, Zoover, Expedia, and Google, collecting the sincere feelings of our Guests.

And upon reading, our hearts light up. A deep THANK YOU to you all that recognize the Hotel Sassongher 5*Hospitality Value

Here is the legend revealed.  At the foot of the Sassongher (the mountain this time!) there have been five stars shining over the years. Five stars of which the whole world talks about. It is the Hotel Sassongher. With that unique warmth and sense of hospitality.

At the foot of the Sassongher mountain,
there are 5 stars of which the whole world talks about.

Hotel Sassongher 5 *, Corvara – Dolomites 
That unique warmth and sense of hospitality.



Hotel Sassongher 5*. Tradition, Style, Excellence.

phone: +39.0471.836085

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