The Sassongher’s Bar. That special atmosphere to experience.

That pleasure of feeling good in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Cocktail Bar Hotel Sassongher 5*, CorvaraMixology experience and much more.

Hotel Sassongher’s Bar.  Special atmosphere.

The Sassongher’s Bar is a little jewel.  You can see it as soon as you enter the hotel, next to the Reception Hall. It is possible that it will attract you even before you check-in with its soft and sinuous space. Charming atmosphere thanks to its stylish and traditional wooden room, it intrigues you with its wealth of liqueurs, bottles and all kind of glasses and all that ready-made ingredients well prepared to offer excellents drinks.

Once arrived at Hotel Sassongher in Corvara, a good idea can be leaving the suitcases to the service staff and approaching the Sassongher’s Bar. Just a coffee or a welcome drink and you immediately feel that unique and unmistakable style that will accompany guests throughout their stay in the hotel. Quality, care, attention. And that warm sense of hospitality that onlyt the Luxury Hotel Sassongher in Corvara can offer.

Let yourself be seduced by the mix of aromas and flavors.

Almost like a commander in charge of his ship, the Head Barman of the Sassongher’s Bar welcomes us smiling. He offers an extensive bar menu, but often you don’t need it. Better is let yourself be seduced by his suggestions. Because Rosario Margareci is an exceptional barman, included among the top Italian bartender  – active both in Italy and abroad and ABI Professional National Councilor. Thanks to his ability, his professionalism and his great personal intuition, he knows how to propose the right choice for you. Try it!

His specialty?  The Sarotonic, a gin-tonic with a unmistakable scent that will leave you delighted. A delicious mix of aromas and falvors dosed and blended with great skills that will be remembered.

Mr. Saro, the King of Impossible Cocktails. Read more here.

A mind-boggling Sassongher’s Bar menu! 

Cafeteria, soft drinks, aperitifs, bitters and liqueurs with a wide choice of the best rums, whiskeys and cognac. The Sassongher’s Bar menu really knows how to surprise you!  With over 30 different types of proposals, a selection of the most requested in the world, the cocktails offer of the Hotel Sassongher in Corvara in certainly mind-boggling!

Here are some proposals amongst the internationally well- known ones:

  • Cocktail Predinner – like the Americano, the Cocktail Martini Cocktail and the classical Negroni. 
  • Cocktail After Dinner – like the Black Russian, the Alexander, the Rusty Nail.
  • Long Drink – like the Gin Fizz, the Cuba Libre and the Mojito.

Last but not least, the amazing Sassongher wine list with a selection of some of the best italian and international labels.  Mr. Saro – the Head of Sassongher’s Bar, together with Daniele and the rest of the staff, will recommend you the best choices.


Twist of aromas and flavors at Sassongher’s Bar.



Hotel Sassongher’s Lifestyle. The pleasure of feeling good.

The Sassongher’s Bar is also a meeting point.  A coffee, a drink, an excellent glass of win, but above all that pleasure of feeling good in a pleasant atmosphere.   Telling stories and experiences of the day, exchanging tips on what to do and to see, on the best walks or on adventures already done or to dream for the next stay. It might happen to share stories with Richard Pescosta, owner of Hotel Sassongher since 1938 – who has so much to say and to tell about our beloved Dolomites and the extraordinary territory of Alta Badia.

Because Hotel Sassongher is also and above all life style. It is that intense pleasure of living beautiful moments in a dream atmosphere. Feeling welcomed and pampered like at home. Part of a large, international family united by the desire to experience quality, refinement and style – in a unique environment. That genuine and satisfying pleasure that makes life beautiful.

That feeling part of a large, international family
that looks for quality, refinement and style

to be experienced in a unique environment.

Luxury Hotel Sassongher , Corvara  – Italy


Luxury Hotel Sassongher – Corvara, Alta Badia, Italy.

Your best holiday experience in the Dolomites, Italy. 


Hotel Sassongher 5*, Corvara – Dolomites


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