Hospitality. Reflection in the time of Covid 19.

An open letter by Francesco Morini, Hotel Sassongher Director.

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of Francesco Morini

 Hospitality. A term with a big heart and with a great responsability.

This time of “emergency covid19” leads us to reflect. Italy, amongst the first nations in the world after China, had to face anational emergency unique of our time, the almost total closure of the commercial activities, except for those for basic needs.

Wounded hospitality.The feeling from the hospitality sector.

For the hotel hospitality sector such as ours, this extraordinary emergency action strikes to the heart of our sentiments and our activity: hosting, welcoming, taking care. What we were called to do has a very different flavour: closing, rejecting, saying goodbye.

We chose to close our Hotel even before the national measurements were defined, in order to protect our guests, our community, each of us. #safetyfirst.

We organized the earlier returning home for our Guests who came here hoping to experience a magical end of the winter season’s holiday in our wonderful land, blessed by a lot of fresh snow just a few days ago.  We said an affectionate goodbye to them, from a distance, sure to see them again soon. #everything will be fine.

We certainly carried out all the actions with a great sense of responsibility, in the assurance of doing the right thing, aware of doing our part in this global mission. An action that we at Hotel Sassongher sum up in the statement #willing to protect our future.


The Hotel is prematurely empty

Today the Hotel is empty earlier than ever. A peculiar atmosphere never experienced. Empty.
It is the time of silence.

We do not live in the frenzy that every year brings, make us busy in the closed season to renovate our facilities. There are no bricklayers, wood artists, plasterers, maintenance workers.
There aren’t those numerous professionals who every year support us to create services in order to offerthe perfect ambience to welcome our Guests for the forthcoming season. We are not on the phone or busy in meetings, looking for that added value to amaze our Guests on their return.

Maybe we are on the phone, yes, but with colleagues, friends and relatives to listen to each other. Distant but close. We are listening to each other’s stories, which strengthens each one of us. #togetherwecan.
Today more than ever we understand how the thin thread of life links all of us together.

The time of silence

It is a rarefied time for reflection. It is a time that touches me closely, being called by vocation and profession to do the most beautiful job for me in the world, hosting.

The broad sense of the term “hosting” sounds inside myself today with its strong and clear value. And in its incredible power. Hosting. An immense worth.

Resurfaces in me the spirit that led me to believe in my work and the immense value of the activity that I and my colleagues carry out every day with great pride. I feel its charm and strength, I recognize its worth and its beauty.


Hotel Sassongher. #tradition in the Dolomites.

Today more than ever I feel the spokesperson of the hospitality tradition that I represent, that of the Pescosta’s familyhoteliers since 1933, when the time was slow and simple.

That value of Hospitality that comes straight to the heart because it comes from the heart. A value that conceals an ancient wisdom that modern times – fast and frenetic, lead us to forget.  I am honored to have Rita and Richard Pescosta at my side, who remind me every day from where we come. A precious gift.

Hospitality. A term with a big heart and with a great responsability.

Today more than ever I feel strong and clear the honor and the responsibility of transferring and communicate the value and the hard work that lies behind our way of presenting hospitality.  It’s not only about “quality”.
It’s much more.
It’s a mix of tradition, hospitality culture, warmth, relationships, closeness, attention to details, love for our work. It’s the Hotel Sassongher value.

Looking forward to seeing you all dear friends.
With love and kindness,

Francesco Morini
Hotel Sassongher 5* – Corvara, Dolomites.

phone: +39.0471.836085

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