Helicopter Tour over the Dolomites. The WOW Factor!

A helicopter tour over the Dolomites. An Incomparable experience!

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,A helicopter tour over the Dolomites. An Incomparable experience!

Helicopter tour over the Dolomites. The WOW Factor!

The amazing Dolomites!  UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.


Today we present to you the idea to fully live the incomparable beauty of the most impressive mountain landscapess of the Alpine arch of central Europe: a helicopter tour over the Dolomites departing from the new Hotel Sassongher heliport.

A complete WOW experience!!


A flight Tour departing from the Hotel Sassongher private heliport.


Your helicopter tour over the Dolomites will start just a few steps from Hotel Sassongher!

Recently built, as part of the expansion and renovation of the Hotel services, the Hotel Sassongher private heliport, authorized by ENAC, is an exclusive service for our Guests.

Ready for take-off? Let’s go! We take off to experience a sensational experience in the heart of a unique landscape paradise, the Dolomites.


Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage Site.


(phto: flyght over the Sassolungo Group)

Experiencing the Dolomites in flight is an incredibile sensation. You can feel the emotions capable of physically enlightening your mind and captivating your heart.

From this prospective, in the air, you can immediately understand why these mountain landscapes are part of the UNESCO – World Natural Heritage. The majestic peaks, the vastness, the great diversity of colour and rock formations all accumulate to the intrinsic beauty of the Dolomites, leaving you breathless.

Pick up at the Hotel Sassongher. Ready to go!

(photo: passage in flight alongside one of the Dolomite groups)

Already at take off, your soul will awake with excitement. Some consider the beauty of the Dolomites comparable to “the Grand Canyon“.

Without belittling the American “four corners land”, we have no doubt in saying that the Dolomites remain an impressive territory for its international geological significance and it’s unparalleled beauty.

Ready for the snapshots?




Majestic  360° View


(Photo: the majestic landscape of the Puez-Sassongher plateau)

A helicopter tour opens your senses and the majestic beauty of the Dolomites enters your heart.   A humbling experience that offers the view of the Dolomites in its most impressive and spectacular way.

You only need 15′ of the flight to realize that it’s really a WOW experience!  Priceless.



Helitour over the Dolomites

The helicopter flight offers the view of the magnificent dimension of the dolomitic rocks. We fly safely close to the dolomitic walls – hundreds of meters high.

You can enjoy the spectacular views of the impressive dolomitic formations, such us Pordoi, Val del Mesdì, Sassolungo, Vajolet Tours, Catinaccio, Val di Fassa, Marmolada, Col di Lana, Cinque Torri (Five Towers), Tofane, Cortina, Cristallo, the Misurina Lake, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Croda Rossa, the Braies Lake, the great Natural Park of Sennes-Fanes, the Val Badia, the Natural Park of Puez-Odle and see our Sassongher mountain – which dominates the Hotel Sassongher!


Expert Pilots and the best helicopter for the mountains


(foto: Eliski, in volo sopra il Pralongià)

The helicopter services leaving and arriving to/from the Hotel Sassongher private heliport are organized in cooperation with our partner Elikos.

Flying in mountain ranges requires a pilot of great experience and expertise to go fly so close to the rock formations.

The Elikos pilots have hundreds of hours of mountain flight time per year, in all weather conditions guaranting a safe and reliable service. Elikos has single and twin turbine engine helicopters capable of transporting max 6 passengers (plus the pilot) – at a speed of 250 mk/h.


WOW!  What a day!

(photo: Pordoi plateau seen in flight above Juef de Freja, the  Gardena  pass: Flying in the mountains requires a special experience, the size of the flight is close and the experience of the pilots is fundamental.)

Returning from our flight tour, we don’t miss the oppotunity to fly over the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada.

A salute in honor to the last Glacier in the Ladin Valleys, which still has so much history to discover under its ice.

Another last “stop” over the Piz Boè and the last wave to Corvara from above, here we are, again at the Hotel ready for the drop off.


Helicopter tour from Hotel Sassongher, memorable experience.

Only a few steps and we reach the Hotel Sassongher, still excited by the experience. The helicopter tour has come to an end, but we carry with us the memory of those moments that will remain with us forever.

We are looking forward now to enjoying the total relax at the new Hotel Sassongher sky SPA, have a sauna and a whirpool bath and take in the amazing panoramic view.
The best way to remember and relive the wonderful emotions of the day!


What a wonderful day!


Hotel Sassongher, exclusive services

The Hotel Sassongher offers exclusive taxi and transfer services. The private helicopter is a unique plus.

The helicopter services can be used for transfer, touristic flights, for private services or for ski-transfers – for “personalised” programs.  For example in a few minutes you can reach your destination at high altitude and then skiing until evening, returning directly to the starting point on your skis.

Exclusive experiences that we at the Hotel Sassongher love to organize for our Guests.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.
We will be more than happy to offer and suggest the best holiday experiences for you. Maybe including an amazing helicopter tour over the Dolomites.


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