Excursion to the Pisciadù, Alta Badia, Dolomites. Back to the origins.

Wonderful excursion in the Alta Badia region, Dolomites at 2587 mt.


Pisciadù Alta Badia excursion, departing from Corvara. One of the most beautiful excursions in the Dolomites suggested by the Hotel Sassongher 5*, alpine tradition since 1933.

Excursion to the Pisciadù peak. History in the Dolomites.

Amongst the most beautiful excursions in Alta Badia that leads us to discover a mythical dimension in the Dolomites. The excursion to alpine hut Franco Cavazza al Pisciadù in the Sella Group – Dolomites. It takes approx. 2-3 hours but the effort is rewarded by a fantastic view. What is more, you can admire the majestic and ancestral dimension that the Dolomites have preserved for millennia.


Path 666.  Towards the Alpine Hut Cavazza al Pisciadù.

Pisciadù Alta Badia excursion starting point.  We suggest to start Jeuf de Frea (Passo Gardena) up to the Frara cable car. The starting point can be reached easily reached from Hotel Sassongher in about ten minutes by car or (our preferred option!) with the private shuttle, special service for our guests.

Here we go! Let’s take the path with a special number: 666. It is the Alta Via of the Dolomites. After ten minutes walking through the meadows, we reach the great rock walls of Sas Dla Luesa and Col de Mesores, up to the start of the moraine which opens up to the suggestive Val SetusHere a crossroads: the left path climbs to the well-known Tridentine via ferrata, that we suggest only to those who are physically well prepared, well equipped and preferably accompanied by the expert alpine guides of Alta Badia; on the right the Via delle Dolomiti continues which climbs towards Pisciadù, this is the one we choose.

Val Setus, gateway to Sella-Group Dolomites

The ascent to the Pisciadù is quite steep, but it is not difficult. Of course it is important to have adequate physical preparation and the right equipment to face the mountain. Hotel Sassongher staff is ready to provide any useful advice and the necessary equipment to its guests.

With a regular step, we follow the path, walking about 1.30 hours. We feel blessed about the amazing nature that surrounds us is by Path 666 not only one of the many alpine paths, but we like to consider it as the “gateway” to the magic dimension of the Dolomites, where reality meets myth. It is the place born between two coral reefs, part of the legendary Mare di ​​Teti, with its  primordial life over 180 million years ago. Impressive, isn’t it? It is fascinating and suggestive to think that the imposing rocks around us preserve the memory of our origins.

Excursion to the Pisciadù alpine hut, Alta Badia. Gallery.



Towards the alpine hut Franco Cavazza

We continue on the wonderful path 666 of Val Setus towards the Pisciadù alpine hut, for approx. 30 minutes, up to the first section of trail equipped with cables. From this point the climb becomes steeper, up to the point where you reach the beginning of the via ferrata, which does not require a harness. Attention,Vertigo sufferers must be beware! The altitude can play tricks, so it’s highly recommended to have the right preparation and follow the advice of mountain experts.

We are almost there! Soon the path begins to descend towards the Franco Cavazza al Pisciadù Alpine Hut  (2587 m). Before the (well-deserved!) stop, we suggest a must-do detour of approx. 100 mt, to reach Pisciadù lake. It is a natural infinity view pool with offers a spectacular panorama over the the Sassongher and Sas dla Crusc peaks. Let yourself be enchanted by the wonders of nature!

Val Setus. Coral reefs and the ancient “mare di Teti- Thetys ocean”
Dolomites, memory of human origins.

Hotel Sassongher 5*, Corvara – Alta Badia
Alpine tradition since 1933


Pisciadù peak, a detour for experts

The most adventurous and experienced hikers can continue the path 666 towards the summit of Pisciadù peak (mt. 2985). It is a very challenging route due to the very steep ramp rewarded by the amazing view!

Excursion to the Pisciadù alpine hut, Alta Badia. Gallery.



Sosta al Rifugio Cavazza al Pisciadù

Finally a well-deserved stop at the Cavazza al Pisciadù alpine hut, at 2587 meters! The local restaurant offers the typical Ladin delicacies to be tasted in front of the enchanting views. We would like to stay here longer, but the mountain awaits and we have to leave, not without feeling a deep sense of gratitude towards the place, which holds the history of our roots. Feeling of great enlightenment and enrichment.

Hotel Sassongher 5*, Corvara. Alpine tradition since 1933.

Passion for our land, love for hospitality. Pisciadù alpine hut excursion – Alta Badia, Dolomites.  We are waiting for you so you too can discover the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites! See you soon!

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