Enrosadira, when the Dolomites express poetry

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‘Enrosadira’, the spectacular phenomenon of the alpenglow on our beloved Dolomites, being the colouring that encapsulates and fascinates our peaks at dawn and dusk. Enrosadira – the name in itself is a poem. Witnessing this occurrence is a gift for the heart, unforgettable.

Enrosadira, the soul of the Dolomites

The Enrosadira is a unique event. You can see the Dolomites thanks to the particular composition of its rock, the dolostone, composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium, elements that accentuate the reflectivity of the sun’s rays. This phenomenon that has no equal in any other type of rock. There are two moments during which you can admire this alpenglow – at dawn on the sides facing east and at dusk on those facing west.

The shades of colour, ranging from pink to bright red, vary each time, depending on the weather and the season.

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The Legend of King Laurin

To recount the charm of the Enrosadira, it is necessary to start from a time long ago, with King Laurin, the ruler of dwarves and a legendary figure.His story dates back to around the year 1100 amongst the German-speaking populations.  The legend tells of the love King Laurin felt for the beautiful Künilde, sister of Dietleib, one of the men of Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths.

King Laurin kidnapped the beautiful girl and took her to his underground dwarf kingdom. The entrance to the magical realm of Laurin featured a beautiful rose garden. Legend has it that the kingdom was protected by a magical thread of silk.

One day, to free the sweet Künilde, Theodoric waged war on Laurin’s kingdom, taking all the dwarves as his prisoners. Before surrendering, however, Laurin – availing of his magical arts – hid his kingdom and the enchanted rose garden. His famous words were: “No-one shall lay eyes on my roses, neither by day nor by night.” But he forgot to mention the gloaming! Thus it was that at sunrise and sunset, the reverberations of the sun inundated the enchanted rose garden with its wonderful light.

This is the saga handed down in the Ladin valleys to recall the origin and the magic that lies behind the colour of the Dolomites at dusk and dawn, encased in the sun’s rays

Enrosadira and roses

The term Enrosadira comes from the Ladin word rosadüra or enrosadöra and means “to pinken”.
The rose, due to its colour, is the flower most often celebrated in the hundreds of legends and tales in the Ladin world of the Dolomites. The sagas of the magical rose garden are a recurring motif in all Alpine culture since, as was stated by Ulrike Kindl, an expert and scholar of popular traditions, says “it is a place of eternal spring, sweet and heavenly, but inaccessible amongst the rocks and glaciers, visible only in a dream”.

Poetry and the magic of the Enrosadira

You need only consider this to understand how the Enrosadira is a natural phenomenon capable of evoking dreams. When we admire the rock faces, our imagination is taken away to those magical places hidden amongst the imposing dolomite rocks. It is an experience to be enjoyed, one which helps us to return to ourselves, to our “rose garden”, the Eden in which eternal sacred and profane love – for life and the most beautiful nature – blooms.


“dabi ain scoenez gertelin darumbe ein vadem sidin”
“it was a lovely little garden, surrounded by a silk thread”

(from the Middle High German )


Enrosadira, the soul of the Dolomites

Enrosadira is the memory of that lost time, which the Ladin tradition of the Dolomites itself celebrates in a range of ways, such as that of le Rose del Ricordo.In this way, we celebrate the splendour of the mountains, which take us back to the ancient teachings of how to experience the nature that surrounds us, with respect and love.

We at the Hotel Sassongher love the poetry emanating from the Enrosadira. As accustomed as we may be to the phenomenon, we are still enchanted and enthralled by this wonder of nature every single time.


The Enrosadira is our moment.
That time and space,
enchanting and inviolable,
surrounded by “a precious golden thread of silk”.


Come and experience the Enrosadira in Corvara, Val Badia.

The Hotel Sassongher  will warmly welcome you for an unforgettable atmosphere.

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