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Dolomiti Unesco Worldwide Recognized Naturalistic Top Site

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UNESCO Dolomites World Heritage. Happy Birthday!

This year we celebrate a very important anniversary for our beloved Dolomites!  In 2009, on the 26th of June, during the 33rd session of the UNESCO Committee in Seville, the Dolomites were awarded the highest world recognition for a natural site. We celebrate now a decade of the Dolomites as World Heritage.

Well-known geologists such as Dolomieu and expert naturalists had already recognized the importance and uniqueness of the Dolomites already in the 1800s, through the observation of the rock formation processes and the discovery of many new minerals that were not known at that time. Those studies led to the publication in 1791 of an article dedicated to the discovery of the dolomite – from which the Dolomites took their name.

The official UNESCO recognition, this year at its 10th anniversary, officially declared the invaluable significance of the Dolomites as a unique place in the world for its remarkable natural beauty and for its geomorphological and geological importance.

as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Worldwide Recognition

Nine mountain groups in total have been recognized individually by UNESCO, selected for their outstanding beauty and their unique landscapes as well as their incomparable geological and geo-morphological features. As a unitary whole, they form a remarkable natural phenomenon and a very distinctive landscape which are of extreme aesthetic importance.

Corvara, where the Hotel Sassongher is located, is part of the territory of Alta Val Badia, surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The wonderful parks like Fanes-Senes-Braies and Puez-Odle-Sassongher are worth mentioning, certainly amongst the most beautiful in the Dolomites.

The Puez-Odle-Sassongher Dolomitic Group – one of the 9 Unesco recognized Dolomitic Groups

Dolomites, the heart of the Alps

Located in the heart of the Alps, the mountainous groups of the Dolomites are considered the naturalistic reference par excellence that stands out between the north and the south of Europe. As naturalistic destinations of spectacular beauty, the Dolomites also brings out other unique qualities of this area, which are hospitality, cuisine and tourism.  The authentic style of the amazing alpine nature gives an intrinsic warmth to its inhabitants, proud of their land. A sentiment that we convey to our Guests who visit our mountains, fascinated by the unique landscapes.

In Corvara and throughout the Alta Val Badia area, the pleasure of experiencing the myth of the Dolomites is felt every day.  Here we are surrounded by three of the most important Dolomites’ groups: the Sassongher-Puez-Odle, the Conturines and the massive Sella Pordoi group, not yet included amongst the UNESCO Dolomites’ sites, but which deserve the same recognition for their amazing beauty.

In fact there is no difference between these sites for those who live within this fascinating land: respecting these “monuments of rock” is part of an education received from an early age and handed down through the generations, an education respectful of the values ​​of the earth and always close to nature.

10 Years Dolomites UNESCO Celebrations

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the UNESCO recognition, the 2019 is full of events and celebrations. Sporting events, photographic and painting exhibitions, conferences, nature concerts and parties. All accompanied by exquisite occasions to taste dishes of the most refined and typical tradition.

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation established in 2010 with the aim of promoting communication and cooperation between the local authorities that manage the extensive Dolomite territory, has dedicated a full program of meetings and events aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues and promoting commitment to an increasingly sustainable future.  Over 140 events will be organized this year to celebrate this important recognition. 

Find out more: 10 YEARS. DOLOMITI UNESCO“.


Hotel Sassongher 5*, in the heart of the Dolomites

Hotel Sassongher 5*
Hotel Sassongher 5* and the Sassongher Mountain-Dolomites


The Hotel Sassongher 5* is located just under the great Sassongher, the eastern peak of the Sassongher Puez Odle group. Honored to live in this wonderful landscape dominated by the majestic Dolomites, we love telling our Guests about our land, accompanying them to discover its beauty.

We organize daily excursions and walks programs in the Alta Val Badia Dolomites, to live and breathe the impressive beauty of the area. For those who don’t love walking, no problem! We can organize your personalized tour with drop off at high altitude accompanied by our Shuttle service.

Particularly appreciated by our Guests is the exclusive experience of exploring the majesty of the Dolomites by flight, taking off by helicopter from the Hotel Sassongher’s private Heliport.
Find out more about our exclusive helicopter tour over the Dolomites. A complete WOW experience!

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Hotel Sassongher
Tradition in The Dolomites



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