Distant but united.  The Alta Badia vision during lockdown covid19

Positive thinking. Our Alta Badia storytelling in the time of Covid19

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Alta Badia moments in the time of Covid19.
The strenght of our people and the power of our land told through a video with images of exeptional beauty.
A storytelling of nature’s wisdom, in Alta Badia – in the heart of the Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage.


Dalunc mo adüm – Distant but united.

There are days when everything stand still as if frozen.

Days when everything seems motionless, as pietrified, just like the mountains.
Days when even the wind slows its course, up high, over the trees top.

Days of bated breath, when you have to stay at home.
There are days when you can’t see anyone.
But there are no days, when there is no one.

We know the patience needed for the long winter nights which seems endless.

We know the hard work of our people, the will which shape the world.
We know their responsability, their care and attention.
We know the solidity of roots, deep and strong in our land.

Some days are difficult.
But they never last forever.

Still, but not immobile.
Far, but never alone.

Distant but united,
we will always be here.

Alta Badia – Dolomites, Italy


Produced in the time of Covid19.

Edited in Giorgia’s kitchen.
Music recorded in Francesco’s livingroom.
Narrated in Silvia’s cellars.
Written on Giovanni’s balcony.

by StorytellerLabs
for Alta Badia


Alta Badia Wonders

In the spirit of the tradition of the Dolomites, a storytelling video we as Hotel Sassongher are proud to share.
Ambassador of the best mountain spirit we feel part of the nature around us.
An extraordinary environment we can’t wait to share with you again.

Looking forward to welcoming you!


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